If you’re looking for a cannabis industry job and you live in Ontario, then you’ve come to the right place!

The cannabis industry is absolutely exploding all throughout Canada right now, as are the number of job opportunities available in your area. So if you’re one of the many job seekers either trying to get your foot in door or trying to further your career in this competitive field, then it’s a good idea to take your job search seriously. And here’s where you start!

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Once this site goes live, you will be able to view a comprehensive list of available Ontario Cannabis Jobs and search through a wide range of openings for marijuana growers, budtenders, dispensary managers, and any number of other careers in the cannabis industry.


You will be able to search for:
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Unlike Indeed.com and other job search sites, employers will be able to post their open positions on this site for FREE, so it will appeal to much great number of companies who are hiring. And as a job seeker, you will also be able to post your resume for FREE and connect with bunch of potential employers in your area.

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Cannabis Resume Help

A quality resume can often be the different between landing an interview and not getting a call back, so if you think your resume could use some work then we strongly recommend you talk to someone. After all, if you’re serious about pursuing a career in cannabis then your resume has to reflect that, and it’s smart to seek out the advice of a professional.

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Marijuana Grower Jobs in Ontario

Canada Cannabis Grower JobsMarijuana Grower jobs in Ontario will be filled by qualified and tenured candidates with an in-depth, almost uncanny understanding of an array of different subjects. This includes, but is not limited to, a diverse knowledge of seeds, cloning, transplanting, watering, nutrients, soil mixtures, lighting, climate control, pest management, trimming, waste disposal, and much, much more.

Aside from a green thumb and years of experience in floriculture, it will also help to have some sort of formal training or education from an accredited cannabis institution or industry-specific university. On the job you will be expected to manage overall grow operations and implement strategies to increase crop yields and enhance product quality. Companies hiring for marijuana grower jobs in Ontario will be have to be licensed producers for commercial purposes in Canada.

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Ontario Dispensary Jobs

Canada Cannabis Dispensary JobsA cannabis dispensary is not much different than any other company. Like any business, there are a wide variety of people that contribute to a success, and there are a bunch of different positions available within the ranks. The types of Ontario dispensary jobs you can expect to see will be in the areas of retail, management sales, marketing, packaging, accounting, security, IT, brokering, and much more.

Skills and requirements for job candidates at a dispensary can also vary greatly, from entry-level and administrative to executive and senior-level management. Do you know where you fit?

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Ontario Budtender Jobs

Ontario Budtender JobsThe budtender is an integral part of the dispensary experience for the customer. They are responsible for answering questions, providing guidance, and assisting patrons in purchasing a variety of cannabis products. So if you’re looking for a job as a budtender you will need to show a potential employer that you have both exemplary customer service skills as well as an in-depth knowledge of cannabis in all its consumable forms.

Ontario budtender jobs are highly sought-after and it’s a competitive field to get your foot in the door. Do you want a leg up over the competition?

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